The “King of Concertos”: Exploring Beethoven’s Violin Concerto

Course Ref: C3747161
Date: 1 meeting on Saturday 12/03/2022. 10:00am - 4:00pm
Venue: RISC
Tutor: Tony Short
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Fee: £27.00

This course should appeal to anyone interested in appreciating how this ‘King of Concertos’ came to fruition. In addition to exploring the work’s genesis, it will consider the progress of public reception over more than two centuries. The concerto will also be compared and contrasted with other significant contemporary violin concertos by lesser-known composers such as Viotti, Kreutzer and Rode. We will, of course, hear many extracts from a century of recording by the greatest violinists. As one of the most recorded of all classical works, Beethoven’s Violin Concerto has inspired scores of highly individualistic cadenzas, some of which will be discussed both on their own terms and how well they ‘sit’ within the concerto itself.

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