Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphs for False Beginners

Course Ref: C3745147
Date: 10 meetings on Wednesdays starting 15/01/2020. 4:15pm - 6:15pm
Venue: Woodley Hill House
Tutor: John Billman
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Fee: £90.00

This is a hieroglyphs and Middle Egyptian course for those with basic-level prior knowledge whether recent or some time ago. The course will consolidate and advance previous elementary study of the language with a combined focus on grammar and short texts. The class will introduce the genitive but most grammatical work will focus on verb types and forms. After a review of Pharaonic titulary and private officials titles we will read a selection of short extracts of funerary texts centered around the offering formula and additional tomb scenes, broadly covering the material in the central chapters of Collier and Manley "How to Read Egyptian Hieroglyphs".

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