An Exploration of Ancient Egypt and Nubia

Course Ref: C3745625
Date: 6 meetings on Mondays starting 14/09/2020. 6:00pm - 8:00pm
Venue: Online
Tutor: John Billman
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Fee: £38.40

This course traces the history of the territory immediately to the south of ancient Egypt known as Nubia which comprises the south of Egypt and the north of Sudan today.  Taught from an Egyptologists point of view this history is often intertwined with that of Egypt as we explore Egypt's occupations of Nubia, the constructions of an imperalistic Egypt and the interactions of Nubians and Egyptians.  However we also consider periods of Nubian strength and automony from the little known 'A-Group' to the powerful Kerma culture of the 3rd cataract area and finally the 'Black Pharaohs' of Nubia who turned the table on the old imperalistic masters and ruled both Egypt and Nubia.

This course will be delivered online.

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Photo: The British Museum EA1770