Huntley and Palmer 200th Anniversary

Course Ref: C3747043
Date: 1 meeting on Saturday 23/10/2021. 10:00am - 4:00pm
Venue: RISC
Tutor: Margaret Simons
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Fee: £27.00

Huntley and Palmer was one of Reading's '4bs' of biscuits, beer, bulbs and bricks fame.  However, it was neither the oldest of the four or the one that could claim to have been in business the longest, but it was by far the town's largest employer by the turn of the 20th century and perhaps the one ‘b’ that is most fondly remembered.  Generations of the same family worked at the factory on the King's Road, many workers lived close by in Newtown and Redlands and today there are still those who remember the men and women who worked there. Our aim here is to explore the origins of the company, the reasons for its subsequent success, get to know those Victorian entrepreneurs who set the wheels in motion for a business the product of which became a household name all over the globe.

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