Rails to the West: The Great Western Railway

Course Ref: C3747081
Date: 1 meeting on Saturday 05/02/2022. 10:00am - 4:00pm
Venue: RISC
Tutor: Richard Marks
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Fee: £27.00

Brunel's Great Western Railway is one of finest examples of an engineer's work, and changed the South of England and Wales forever. In this study day we shall examine how Brunel's masterpiece came about, and the impact of Sir Daniel Gooch on the company. We will look at how Swindon Works cared for its staff and its impact upon the modern health-care system we enjoy today. We will discover how the Great Western created the idea of Cornwall as a holiday destination. Finally we will look at how the Great Western led the way in production techniques and the use of new technologies, and also how its legacy impacted upon British Railways from the 1960's right up to today.

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