Standing on the Shoulders of Giants: History of Medicine from Ancient Times to the early 20th Century

Course Ref: C3746109
Date: 10 meetings on Mondays starting 11/01/2021. 10:00am - 11:30am
Venue: Online
Tutor: Richard Marks
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Fee: £48.00

We all take our modern medical care for granted, but how did we get here ? In this course we shall look at how the ancient medical practitioners developed early treatments and how their understanding of the natural world influenced their decisions. We shall investigate how advances in scientific thought, such as germ theory and surgical practice, changed the way doctors treated their patients. We shall look at how advances in military medicine impacted upon the medical care of the wounded and how this impacted upon general medical care. We shall look at the work of some of the early pioneers who advanced medical care to new heights and how the medical profession became divided between "the doctor" and "the surgeon". Finally we will explore how patients accessed and experienced medical care from ancient Egypt, up to the creation of the National Health Service.

This course will be delivered online.

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