Steam, Steel and New Horizons: How the Victorian Railways changed Life in Britain

Course Ref: C3747061
Date: 10 meetings on Tuesdays starting 11/01/2022. 10:00am - 12:00pm
Venue: Woodley Hill House
Tutor: Richard Marks
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Fee: £90.00

Victorian Britain created the world's first railway network which changed the way Britons lived, worked and played forever. In this course we will examine the impact of the Victorian railways upon people's daily lives. We shall look at how the railways made branded goods available across the country at affordable prices from the tip of Cornwall to the far north of Scotland. We shall examine how the building of the railways impacted upon people's lives and property and how working for the railway companies created opportunity for all. We shall look at how the Victorians took advantage of the railways for leisure and how they created the British Seaside Holiday. The course will explore how the Victorian railways made sport and the arts accessible to all and created the modern sporting and cultural events that we take for granted today. Finally, we will see how the railways created the suburbs in all the major towns and cities allowing everyone to move away from the polluted and over-crowded centres, and how the concept of commuting began.

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