Wagner and His Legacy

Course Ref: C3744268
Date: 10 meetings on Tuesdays starting 14/01/2020. 2:00pm - 4:00pm
Venue: South Reading Leisure Centre Northumberland Avenue
Tutor: Robin John
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Fee: £96.00

Richard Wagner was the most influential innovator in operatic history, and one of the toweringly creative minds of the 19th century. In his mature operas, he overturned the then current ideas of what opera was, and – in the monumental “Ring” cycle – synthesised the poetic, musical, visual and dramatic aspects of performance. The theatre he had built at Bayreuth still hosts the annual Festival which continues to be run by the Wagner family, and his reputation and associations remain as controversial as they were in his day. In this course, we analyse Wagner’s life and legacy, and listen to glorious highlights from his works.

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