Wagner, the Last Great Works

Course Ref: C3747052
Date: 1 meeting on Saturday 27/11/2021. 10:00am - 4:00pm
Venue: RISC
Tutor: Robin John
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Fee: £27.00

Wagner holds a unique place in the history of opera and was a major influence on those who came after. He was fascinated by myths and their ability to explore life's deep questions. His early operas were derivative in style and unsuccessful. But beginning with 'The Flying Dutchman', he started to build his own style, and this and later operas are based on ancient myths which he moulded into his own versions to create his 'music dramas'. The 'Ring Cycle' was the culmination of his ideas and was 25 years in the making before being finally staged at the unique Bayreuth Opera House, purpose-built to Wagner's own design. Ever since, the 'Ring' has stimulated the imagination of multiple directors to create many varied interpretations, some of which will be highlighted. Wagner's final opera 'Parsifal' is based on myths surrounding the Holy Grail and has eluded definitive interpretation, continuing to provoke academic discussion. But musically, it holds a special place for Wagner admirers.

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