Music and Colour - an Interdisciplinary Approach

"Music and Colour" is arguably unique among WEA courses. It should appeal not just to musicians , but just as much to lovers of art, architecture, history and science. Interdisciplinary studies, often ignored in many curricula, provide a holistic approach to assessing the multiple sources which drive inspiration and creativity. In this fascinating course, Tony Short will examine the way the representative arts have cross-fertilised one another, how musical structures are often replicated in paintings and architecture, how the works of Chopin and Liszt follow innate mathematical ratios, and how composers like Duke Ellington and Messaien were only able to hear notes in terms of colours.

Of course, the final test of all of us is subjectivity. And Tony addresses this by posing a number of quizzes and tests to help you identify your emotional responses to various pieces of music. At the end of the course, everyone should come away with an enhanced ability to appreciate the music you love - by being able to place it in its wider cultural context, and by gaining a greater insight into the minds, motives and influences of those who created it.

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