New Courses for 2021 - 2022 Now Booking

Our new courses for the Autumn term 2021 and the Spring and Summer terms 2022 are now booking.

These can be found on the "Courses" or "Tutors" page of this website. On the Courses page you can filter the list by selecting your criteria and clicking on the "Filter" button. On the Tutors page you can click on your favourite tutor and obtain a list of any courses that they are presenting during the three terms.

Enrolment instructions are given for each course and following these will take you through to the national WEA website which handles all course bookings.

You can also enrol online at or you can book by phone at 0300 303 3464 and pay by debit or credit card.

We have planned most of our courses to run on traditional face-to-face lines, on the basis that there will be few restictions relating to COVID left in place by late September. If this is not the case and the course is cancelled you will get a total refund, and if the course is converted to online you will have a choice of a total refund or a place on the online course and a fee reduction, if applicable.

Please note that only Reading Branch originated courses are listed on this site. There will be many more courses available on the national WEA site, 

When you enrol, please consider signing up to receiving emails from the Reading Branch. This will enable us to keep in touch with you regarding local courses and events.