Robert McKeever

Professor Robert McKeever, Associate Fellow, Institute of the Americas, University College London. Previous Positions include: Head of the School of Sociology, Politics and International Relations, University of Reading; Dean of the Faculty of Law, Governance and International Relations, London Metropolitan University. Professor ‘Bob’ McKeever is one of Britain’s leading experts on American Politics. He has taught a range of specialist topics including America’s War in Vietnam; Gender Equality and Abortion Rights; Race Relations and Affirmative Action; and the Supreme Court and American Politics. He has published many books and articles on politics in the United States, including The United States Supreme Court (2nd edition 2016) and Politics USA (3rd edition, 2012, lead author with Philip Davies). For many years he has participated in the Congress to Campus Programme that brings together UK Sixth Form students, former members of the US Congress and leading British academics. Bob’s approach to teaching is to use his enthusiasm for and knowledge of the subject to engage with students and develop their ability to think critically for themselves. The results are usually quite lively!